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What are examples of illegal behavior but ethical?

Among the most common unethical business behaviours of employees are making long-distance calls on business lines, duplicating software for use at home, falsifying the number of hours worked, or much more serious and illegal practices, such as embezzling money from the business, or falsifying business records.
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What are some examples of ethical but illegal behavior?
Smuggling of medicines into war- and disease-stricken areas; Smuggling refugees out of war-stricken areas; Assassination of malevolent dictators;  wiki.answers.com
What are some examples of ethical behavior.
Behavior that is for the good of everyone is more accepted as ethical than  www.chacha.com
What are some of the examples of great ethical decisions in US corporations?
Netscape giving away their browser source code to developers for free to modify and distribute. They could no longer compete with Microsoft since they were shipping windows with internet explorer and were manipulating OEMs to use only microsoft  www.quora.com
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