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What are beatles records worth?

Beatles records may have nothing in monetary value but the pure musical talent and intellect are definetely the millions and billions of pounds collectors are willing to pay to have special colletibles from the famous four.
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How much is a Beatles record worth?
Like all records, the value would depend on the record's condition, how popular (and more importantly, how collectible) the artist is, and whether the record is rare (some records only had very limited pressings, for example those made before an  wiki.answers.com
What would the beatles white album be worth on record?
The short answer - anywhere from $10 to $5000 It really  www.chacha.com
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The record was a new technology at the turn of the 20th century. The small, flat disc replaced cylinders that were popular with those that could afford it. The vinyl record was a standard for listening to music in the home for nearly 80 years, until  www.ehow.com
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