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What Age Can A Child Babysit?

There is no legal age at which a child can baby sit in the UK. The responsibility of choosing a baby sitter is given to the parent who has to apply utmost common sense. More »
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What age can a child babysit?
Normally, the youngest age is 12, but even that can be too young.  wiki.answers.com
How to Babysit a Child With Cerebral Palsy
If the child has affected her left or right side and her mobility is fine but she still has trouble reaching things and holding items, pick up the item and place it in the child's hand. Hold the item with her. At feeding time, sit the child up in a  www.ehow.com
How to Babysit a Child.
1. First , find out what age the child is and of course the gender! This makes it easier for things to bring. I once babysat a little boy who was about 5. I took a coloring and activity book and we played with some army guys and Thomas the tank  www.wikihow.com
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