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Remove points on driving licence?

It is difficult to get points removed as they remain on the licence for a length of three years after which the session is refreshed. It is a way of keeping drivers in check with their own consciences, likely to elicit more duty of care.
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How do you remove expired points from a UK driving licence?
Apply for a replacement licence to DVLA Swansea and your new licence will arrive with the points removed.  wiki.answers.com
How to Remove Points From a Driving License.
1. Enroll in a defensive driver course. Some states will remove points from a driving license if the driver takes such a course. Taking a defensive driving course usually prevents cancellation of insurance and a rise in premiums. 2. Enroll in a  www.ehow.com
How to get points removed from your driving licence?
send your licence to the dvla with a covering letter.times,dates etc.they should supply you with a new licence.  answers.yahoo.com
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