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Printable World Map With Country Names?

The following website has a large map of the world in colour with country names on it. The links will enable you to download a printable version of the map. http://www.travelportal.info/general-travel-info/maps-route-planners/maps
Popular Questions
How to Memorise the Locations of Countries on a World Map
1 Memorise the continents. Find out what each one is called and where it is. For the purpose of this article, there are seven continents: Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America. Ad 2 Memorise the countries.  www.wikihow.com
How many countries are there in world map?
It's 196. This includes all 192 UN-recognized countries plus Kosovo, Taiwan Vatican City, and the newly independent country of South Sudan. It does not include Western Sahara or Palestine. See the lists below for some lists with links to additional  wiki.answers.com
Where can I find current maps of the world and individual countries?
There are lots of different types of map you can think of, but if you just want small scale maps that are up to date then have a look at the The World Factbook of the CIA (updates annually)  www.quora.com
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