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Is tonic water good for you?

The tonic contains a medicinal amount of quinine which acts as an anti-malaria drink adding also adding it to vodka or gin makes it easier to drink
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What is Tonic Water?
Tonic water is a carbonated water flavored with quinine. Tonic water is often used for mixed drinks, most popular Gin and Tonic. The quinine in the drink is actually sensitive to UV light and will become flourescent.  answers.ask.com
What is the best tonic water?
Far and away my favorite tonic is Fever Tree. Bonus points for a good ginger ale as well. Embed Quote  www.quora.com
What Are the Benefits of Quinine in Tonic Water?
Quinine is found in cinchona bark and was used by native South Americans to treat malaria. Europeans first encountered the drug in the mid-seventeenth century. Quinine was originally added to tonic water as an anti-malarial treatment. According to  www.ehow.com
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