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Is paul martin married?

Paul Martin is best known for presenting BBCs Flog It. He is married to BBC production co-coordinator, Charlotte Godfrey, with whom he spends his spare time looking after his small holding.
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where was paul martin born?
Paul Martin was born on August 28, 1938 in Windsor, Ontario. Martin was the 21st Prime Minister of Canada and formerly a Member of the Canadian Parliament for LaSalle-Emard.  answers.ask.com
What happened to Paul Martin?
Paul Martin is no longer in the tech industry. He felt a need to move on to pursue other interests. Nonetheless, he made significant contributions to PayPal as a product manager who was creative, customer-centric, and incredibly hard working. Embed  www.quora.com
Who is Paul Martin?
Paul Martin is the presenter of 'Flog It' the TV antiques programme, I think he's a bit 'dishy'  wiki.answers.com
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