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How to unlock pin from phone?

A pin is a secret numeric password shared between a user and a system that can be used to authenticate the user to the system. If you have not changed the original PIN of your SIM then you can get easily this code from the package that has come with your SIM card. Get these codes from SIM package and unlock your phone. If you have changed your PIN and now have forgotten it then there is also a way to resolve it. When you give an incorrect PIN three times to your mobile phone it will block your SIM card, then in this case you have to provide a PUK given to you by network provider.
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How to Unlock a Phone Pin.
1. Type the default PIN on your phone's "Enter PIN" screen. Your carrier determines this number, but it is usually "1-1-1-1" or "1-2-3-4. Press "OK" to confirm. If the code is not accepted, continue to Step two. 2. Type the default PIN two additional  www.ehow.com
How to Unlock a Cell Phone?
Unlocking a cell phone is as simple as entering a lock code or calling the cell phone company or manufacturer for a step by step walk through to resetting it.  www.ask.com
How to Unlock a Mobile Phone's IMEI.
1. Turn on your cell phone and type in the following into your keypad *06# This will bring up the 15- to 17-digit IMEI number on your screen instantly. 2. Open up your phone by removing the back of the case that covers the battery. Remove the battery  www.ehow.com
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