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How To Train As A Solicitor?

To become a solicitor you must study at graduate and postgraduate level. Graduate-level study is known as the academic stage of training, while the postgraduate level is known as the vocational stage of training. In addition to studying you will have to gain work experience by way of an approved training contract, although this may be waived if you have first qualified as a legal executive lawyer. The 'traditional' route to becoming a solicitor is to achieve the SRA's academic stage of training by way of a law degree.
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What education or training do you need to be come a solicitor?
The normal route is to do A Levels or equivelent, and then a law degree. After the degree you have to go on a legal practice course which can costs up to £10,000 for a year. After this you have to go on a two tear training period with a firm of  wiki.answers.com
How quickly is it possible to train to become a practicing solicitor?
I'm assuming it's in england... All in all it's 7 years training to become a fully pledged solicitor, I think though that after 4/5 years of study you need to join up with a solicitors firm to "gain experience". I once was looking to study law  uk.answers.yahoo.com
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