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How To Tell If A Man Fancies You?

The obvious sign that a man fancies you is the tone of his first lines of communication. Other signs are remembering what you said ten minutes ago and of course genuinely enjoying your conversation. More »
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How tell if a man fancies you?
Does he look at you when he talks? if you keep eye contact for more than four seconds theres a good chance he's into you. If he sits more than a metre away from youthat is a sign as they only let the people they are close to get up and personal.If he  wiki.answers.com
How to Know if a Man Fancies You.
1. Read his body language. A man who fancies you will look at you when you are unaware and smile at you during conversation. An increase in blinking and him turning his body toward you when you are sitting together are indicators of attraction.  www.ehow.com
How to Tell if Someone Fancies You.
1. Raise a brow. If someone is interested in your looks, they will raise their eyebrows for around one fifth of a second after seeing you. (To show interest in someone, try raising your eyebrows for a little longer upon meeting them) Don't do it in a  www.wikihow.com
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