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How To Report An Illegal Immigrant?

To report an illegal immigrant you can email the UK Border Agency at UKBA, publicenquiries@ukba.gsi.gov.uk. All the personal information given will be treated as confidential. More »
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How to Report Illegal Immigration.
1. Document all the information about the parties in question. Write down names, addresses, descriptions and any other important information. The more information about illegal immigration you have, the better. 2. Go online to the Department of  www.ehow.com
How do you report acts of illegal immigration?
Report it to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, To report suspicious activity 1-866-347-2423. ICE does not accept nor act upon anonymous "tips" or reports, unless they correspond with information already on file. The person filing the complaint  wiki.answers.com
How to report illegal immigrants ...?
CE Immigration And Customs Violation Hotline 1-866-DHS-2-ICE (1-866-347-2423) Do NOT email them your tip.  answers.yahoo.com
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