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How To Cut Angles On Coving?

To cut angles when coving you will require the use of a miter box for exact cuts. You should place the coving in a miter box and either choose to cut at a 90 degree or 45 degree angle to either make a straight cut, make an external corner or internal corner. More »
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How to Cut Coving Angles.
1. Place the coving into a mitre box. The mitre box is the best tool to accurately cut corners, because it secures the coving and ensures a straight cut. The box should be large enough that the two edges of the coving comfortably fit against the  www.ehow.com
What are the angles for cutting inside and outside corners of cove molding?
if it's a 90 degree corner(a right angle) cut ea piece on a 45 degree angle and if it's a 45 degree corner cut both pcs at 22 1/2 degrees. Those are the two most common wall angles found in most homes. most other angles just use two scrap pcs and  wiki.answers.com
how to cut a 45-degree angle with a compound miter saw?
1. Attach the compound miter saw to a work bench as instructed by the saw's user manual. The saw must be completely steady and secure so that it does not wobble or shake during the cutting process. 2. Plug the electrical cord of the compound miter  www.ehow.com

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