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How much will a full car service cost?

Car service costs vary from car to car. It is advisable to own a car whose running costs will be manageable for you.
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How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Car Windshield?
If you have full-coverage insurance on your vehicle, windshield and window replacement is usually free. Simply call your insurance company and ask about their policies regarding window breakage. If it's covered, all you need to do is call a glass  www.life123.com
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How much it cost for full service diesel car?
Really depends on what you mean by "Full Service" and how bagged your set of wheels is. If you got no clutch. no brakes(brakes are metal to metal damaging the rotor or drums) oil leaks galore. coolant leaks even more galore. All belts and hoses need  answers.yahoo.com
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