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How Much Is Council Tax Band B?

Council Tax helps pay for local services like policing and rubbish collection. Council Tax applies to all domestic properties, including houses, bungalows, flats, maisonettes, mobile homes and houseboats, whether owned or rented. The council tax band b is between £928 - £943.44 or above. More »
Popular Questions
How much a month is council tax band b?
2005/2006. £79.60 per month. For detailed information on Council Tax bands and how to save money on them, I suggest looking at this site. www.council-tax-rebate.co.uk.  wiki.answers.com
How to Calculate Council Tax Bands.
1. Go to the VOA website to calculate your council tax band if you live in England, Scotland or Wales (see Resources) You will need to know which local billing authority your property is in. You also can search using your zipcode. 2. Select your  www.ehow.com
How much is council tax band b in Peterborough?
According to www.peterborough.gov.uk, the council tax bill for 2007/08 (band B) is £956.90 per year.  www.kgbanswers.co.uk
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