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How much is a 1912 penny worth?

The 1912-D cent has a mintage of 10,411,000. The rarest of this date is the one with the S on it. In grade good: date worn but apparent, lines in wheat (on reverse) missing, must have full rims. Then it's value is around $5.00. Less if in a poorer grade and more if it grades higher.
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How much is a 1912 Netherlands half penny worth?
according to coin collecters in good condition it is worth betwen $25-65.  wiki.answers.com
How much is a 1912 penny worth?
probably maybe 5 cents if that than again what do i no it might be 100 or just 1  answers.yahoo.com
How Much are Pennies Worth?
Virtually all US cent coins are worth one cent and no more unless you have coins that are older than 1959 and in good condition. There was a 1972 double die penny that is worth about $47, but that is very rare. For more information, look here:  www.ask.com
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