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How much is a 1912 penny worth?

The 1912-D cent has a mintage of 10,411,000. The rarest of this date is the one with the S on it. In grade good: date worn but apparent, lines in wheat (on reverse) missing, must have full rims. Then it's value is around $5.00. Less if in a poorer grade and more if it grades higher.
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How much is a 1912 Netherlands half penny worth?
according to coin collecters in good condition it is worth betwen $25-65.  wiki.answers.com
How much is a 1912 penny worth?
probably maybe 5 cents if that than again what do i no it might be 100 or just 1  answers.yahoo.com
How much money is a 1912 wheat penny worth?
A 1912 wheat penny of extremely fine quality is worth $10 (5 for very  www.chacha.com
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