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How Much Does It Cost To Text From The Uk To Ireland On Vodafone?

Provided you are texting a UK mobile number the cost of sending a text to Ireland will not cost anything more than texting in the UK. If you are texting a non UK mobile number, the cost will be 24p per text. The rates could change depending on the current offers.
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How much does it cost to text Ireland from the UK on vodafone contract?
any international text message up to 160 character will cost you 25 pence including the VAT.  wiki.answers.com
How much does a text to Japan cost from the UK on Vodafone?
+ Internation Text fees directly from Vodaphone site (below) •International texts – 25p each for Pay monthly customers. •International texts – 24p each for Pay as you go customers. http://www.vodafone.co.uk/discover-vodaf….  answers.yahoo.com
How much does it cost to text a Thailand phone from the UK (on Vodafone)?
Hi Normal rate is 20p per text You can easy find out yourself anyway check your balance before you send and the price when you have sent the text O2 are doing cheap thailand phone calls from mobile or you can use a cheap international call rate where  uk.answers.yahoo.com

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