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How Much Does It Cost To Build A Bungalow?

The average cost of building a bungalow in the UK is £1,000 per square foot; increase that to £1,200 for a bungalow, so for the size you mention approximately £1047,000.
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How to Build a Bungalow.
1. Purchase a lot of land in an area you would like to live. You may need to buy land that already has an old house on it that you can tear down to build a bungalow. 2. Make sure you have enough money to build a bungalow. Even if you build it  www.ehow.com
What will be the cost to build a bungalow in India.
There are good and bad areas so price is different. you need to go there and find out . You need to contact with some good builders and I am sure they will help you. I think Bangalore is safe then Pine and Goa. Goa people are big cheaters I had bad  answers.yahoo.com
What does It Cost to Build a House?
The cost to build your home is up to you. You have to take into account of how large the home is and what type of materials you are planning on using. You can build a home for as little as 60,000 up to as much as you have to spend.  answers.ask.com

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