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How much does a dialysis machine cost?

Dialysis machine cost varies from one type to another and from one manufacturer to the other. Some range from £1924
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how does a dialysis machine work?
A dialysis machine tries to mimic some of the functions of a human kidney. One of the jobs of the kidney is to remove urea and certain salts from the blood so they can exit the body in urine.  answers.ask.com
How to Troubleshoot a Dialysis Machine.
1. Check whether the blood pump has stopped, and note the type of alarm that has occurred. Dialysis machines notify users of alarms via both audible sound and flashing lights on the control panel of the machine. If the alarm is an “air” alarm, follow  www.ehow.com
What are kidney dialysis machines?
For people who's kidneys have shut down, they have to get hooked up to a dialysis everyday to flush out their kidneys. I learned this last year, and im only in 7th. there are 2 ways to do it : 1) you can put a catheter it your tummy and do it 4 times  wiki.answers.com
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