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How Much Do Firefighters Get Paid?

The basic annual pay for Firefighters in the UK are as follows: Trainee - 20,896 (9.54 an hour; overtime rate 14.31 ), Development - 21,766 (9.94 an hour; overtime rate 14.91 ), Competent - 27,851 (12.72 an hour; overtime rate 19.08 ) and Junior Firefighter - aged 16 9,666; aged 17 10,388 and aged 18 20,896 More »
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How to Become a Paid Firefighter.
1. One sure way to improve your chances of becoming a paid firefighter is to boost your physical fitness level. The number one killer of firefighters is not smoke, nor is it fire or collapsing buildings. It is heart attacks. While training, make sure  www.ehow.com
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Paid on call firefighters are considered a "go-between" position between volunteer firefighter (unpaid) and a career firefighter (paid) Typically, a paid on call firefighter wears a pager and is paid a daily rate to be available to respond to a call  wiki.answers.com
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