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How Much Do Doctors Get Paid A Year?

Research by Telegraph has shown that doctor get paid almost 300,000 a year. Figures released in 2009, disclosed that 307 doctors were earning more than 250,000 while 1,122 earned more than 200,000. More »
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How Much do Doctors Get Paid?
Being a doctor is a job that is really in demand. Also, in order to be a doctor you must be able to be available often for your patients. Doctors are paid over 100K a year and up.  answers.ask.com
What Is the Highest Paid Type of Doctor?
The average salary for an orthopedic surgeon is around $481,000, as of 2009, according to Forbes. Apart from surgeons, specialists such as urologists are among the highest-paid doctors, earning $400,000 or more per year-more than twice as much as  www.ehow.com
What is the highest paid doctor?
Their is many highest paid doctors . 1.RADIOLOGY . 2.NEUROLOGY. 3.CARDIOVASCULAR SURGEON. 4.ANESTHESIOLOGY.  . 5.GASTROENTEROLOGY. 6.SURGEON. 7.ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON. 8.OB/GYN. 9.PLASTIC SURGEON. 10.UROLOGY. these are all highest paid doctors who salary  wiki.answers.com
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