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How Much Are Gold Sovereigns Worth?

Gold sovereign prices are determined from the current price of gold and the numismatic value that the coin may have. To calculate their prices, you should multiply the current gold spot price by 0.235421 which is the amount of gold in a gold sovereign.
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How Much is a gold sovereign coin worth?
Sovereigns contain 7.98g of 22 karat gold, which equates to 7.31g of 24 karat gold, which is 99.9% pure. Depending on the scarcity of the actual sovereign, modern sovereigns usually trade (on ebay, for example) at about 20% above the current london  wiki.answers.com
How to Collect Gold Sovereigns.
1. Collect by monarch. Gold sovereigns always feature a portrait of the reigning king or queen. The most basic way to collect gold sovereigns are by monarch. In the age of the modern sovereign the portraits are of George III, George IV, William IV,  www.ehow.com
What is Gold Worth?
The price of gold varies from day to day. At the time of this writing, gold is worth $1,131.25 per ounce, down 11 cents from the previous day. It fluctuates up and down, but has been steadily declining lately. You can find more information here:  answers.ask.com

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