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How many times has pat sajak been married?

Twice, I think. He is now with his second wife, Lesly Brown.
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How long has pat sajak been married?
Pat Sajak Married Lesly Brown on 31 Dec 1989 and will be married for 20 year on the 31 Dec 2009. The have two children together a son named Patrick Michael James Sajak who was born on Sept 22 1990 and a daughter Maggie Marie who was born on Jan 5  wiki.answers.com
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She was only married once to George Santo Pietro they  www.chacha.com
How Many Times has Dr Phil Been Married?
Dr. Phil McGraw has been married twice. He was married from 1970-1973 to Debbie Higgins McCall. McGraw married his current wife, Robin Jo Jameson, in 1976.  answers.ask.com

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