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How many liters in a gallon?

When using metric system, volume is always measured in base unit called liter.So one liter is equivalent to 2642 gallons.
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How many liter are there in a gallon?
There are about 3.8 L per gallon. That conversion is for US gallons, the only ones that still matter (since everyplace using the imperial gallon has already switched to metric anyway) but if you really want to know, there are a little over 4.5 L per  wiki.answers.com
How many liters are in 35 gallons?
35 imperial gallons = 159.11 Liters 35 US gallons = 132.49 Liters  wiki.answers.com
How many gallons are in 20000 liters?
20000 liters = 5283.441 US gallons = 4399.383 imperial gallons.  wiki.answers.com
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