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How Many Calories In Toast?

100 grams of white toasted bread has 293 calories while one slice has 64 calories. With margarine, it contains 60 calories, peanut butter has 95 calories, cream cheese and jam have 50 calories each.
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How many calories in a toast?
Based on the type of bread, it will vary. But the average slice of bread is about 100 calories.  wiki.answers.com
How many calories are in zaxby's toast?
There are 144 calories in the Zaxby's Texas Toast, along with 15 grams of  www.chacha.com
How many calories are in this toast?
http://www.nutritiondata.com/. the site above shows all the nutrition data of any food that you eat. just look it up. its helpful for a lot of things.  answers.yahoo.com

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