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How Many Calories In Toast?

100 grams of white toasted bread has 293 calories while one slice has 64 calories. With margarine, it contains 60 calories, peanut butter has 95 calories, cream cheese and jam have 50 calories each.
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How many calories in eggs and toast?
If you mean 1 standard egg poached, plus 1 medium cut slice white toast spread with smear of extra-light spread, then a total of around 200 calories. Calories will rocket with fried eggs, more toast and if butter or full fat spread is used.  wiki.answers.com
How Many Calories in Milk?
The calories in one cup of whole milk is 170 while 1 cup of skim low fat has 120 calories. Cream and cream based products are all high in calories. The calories for milk is high but is said not to be concerned with.  www.ask.com
How many calories are in garlic toast?
Garlic Toast (Pepperidge Farm) has 88 calories, 5.5g of fat and 8.3g of carbs  www.chacha.com

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