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How Many Calories In Toast?

100 grams of white toasted bread has 293 calories while one slice has 64 calories. With margarine, it contains 60 calories, peanut butter has 95 calories, cream cheese and jam have 50 calories each.
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How many calories in a toast?
Based on the type of bread, it will vary. But the average slice of bread is about 100 calories.  wiki.answers.com
What is the calorie difference between bread and toast?
In an average 30g piece of white toast, there are 80 calories. In a piece of bread the same size, there are also 80 calories. This is slightly obvious, as they are the same thing, one just was in a toaster. Embed Quote  www.quora.com
What are the calories in french toast?
From what company are you asking about? French toast at home is different from  www.chacha.com

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