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How Many Calories In A Tomato?

A medium, about 84g of raw tomato contains 14 calories. Other nutritional information for a 100g tomato include protein 0.88g, fat 0.2g iron, 0.27g vitamin C 12.7g and zinc 0.17g.
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How many calories in tomato?
Calories in tomato Here are examples for raw tomato according to type or portion size. There are: approx 5 calories in each 1 oz or 28g of tomato approx 22 calories in one average tomato approx 26 calories in one large tomato approx 33 calories in  wiki.answers.com
How many calories are in a tomato?
1 medium tomato contains 35 calories. Thanks for using ChaCha!  www.chacha.com
How Many Varieties of Tomatoes Exist?
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