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How Long Is An Adult Badger?

An adult badger is about 75mm in length with a tail of about 150mm.It has an average weight of about 8-12 kg in autumn. Females tend to be 1kg lighter than the males. More »
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What color is an adult badger?
well we get lots of badgers outside our house and they are black/grey and white but not shining as they are usually pretty dirty! Hope that helps x.  wiki.answers.com
What is the average weight of an adult male badger?
In spring an adult badger will have an average weight of 8 to 9 kg, rising to 11 to 12 kg in autumn. Some European varieties can reach 30 kilos  www.kgbanswers.co.uk
What kind of care does the adult badger give to its young?
They feed them milk when they are young. They keep them warm in a den for a few weeks after birth, and later on they teach them to hunt. This is much the same as many other animals do.  answers.yahoo.com
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