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How Long Is A Crb Valid For?

They usually don't carry a pre-determined period of validity because a conviction or other matter could be recorded against the subject of the crb check More »
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How long is a crb disclosure valid for?
A CRB check (now called DBS) has no "valid to" date as such. Technically they are out of date the day after they are issued - in theory you could be issued with a disclosure with nothing on it one day, then be in court and convicted the next day.  answers.yahoo.com
How Long Is a Patent Valid?
The three types of patents are design, utility and plant. A patent protects the invention for a number of years prescribed by government regulations. Patents are generally not renewable but may be extended under certain, limited circumstances. An  www.ehow.com
How long is a paycheck valid?
The payor can specify the length of time the check is vaild for - most banks will balk at cashing checks that are more than ninety days old.  wiki.answers.com
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