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How Long Does It Take To Flatten Your Stomach?

Depending on the cause of your stomach bulge and the methods you are using to flatten your stomach, the time to achieve desired results will vary. To flatten your stomach after pregnancy, exercise may take up to nine months. More »
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How to Flatten the Lower Stomach.
1. Reduce overall body fat. It's impossible to burn fat in one area of the body. Reducing overall body fat can be accomplished by performing cardiovascular workouts 3 to 5 days a week, performing resistance training 2 to 3 days per week, and  www.ehow.com
What are the exercises to flatten stomach?
Crunches work better than situps, although I have heard that they don't even work at all when flattening your stomach! My doctor recommended this to me, you should try it. It's very simple. Incorporate it into your daily routine, you don't need to  wiki.answers.com
What foods flatten the stomach?
Foods that help flatten your stomach are eggs, low fat dairy, beans, oatmeal and olive...  www.chacha.com

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