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How Long Does A Criminal Record Stay On File?

A criminal conviction stays on file forever. After a certain amount of time, many offences are considered to be spent and you may not have to tell an employer unless it is a notifiable occupation, for example a doctor.
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How long does a conviction stay on your criminal record in the UK?
A criminal conviction stays on your police record forever. However your question may be,do I have to tell my employer? This aspect is covered by the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act. After a certain amount of time, many offences are considered to be  wiki.answers.com
How Long Does Something Stay on a Driving Record?
To obtain the specific rules of a state regarding how long something stays on your driving record you should check with that state's department of motor vehicles (DMV) The DMV has information on the laws and regulations that govern motor vehicles and  www.ehow.com
How long does a mistermeaner stay on your record?
Both misdemeanor and felony criminal offenses remain on your criminal record permanently, unless they are removed, such as by expungement.  wiki.answers.com
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