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How Long Does A Criminal Record Stay On File?

A criminal conviction stays on file forever. After a certain amount of time, many offences are considered to be spent and you may not have to tell an employer unless it is a notifiable occupation, for example a doctor.
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How long does a criminal record stay on file in the state of Illinois?
If the offense/conviction occurred after your 18th birthday it will always appear on your criminal record. Crimes are not like traffic "points. They do not "go away" after a certain length of time.  wiki.answers.com
How Long Do Infractions Stay on Your Criminal Record?
Most states permit the court to seal juvenile records if a sufficient amount of time has passed since the offense, the offender has not re-offended and the offender has reached age 18. State public policy recognizes that crimes committed in a  www.ehow.com
How long will a criminal record stay in your file for ?
Forever and ever and ever. Your criminal record is even available for view after you die. It is public record also. Meaning anyone may look it up at any time. Each state has at least one free online site to find this information.  answers.yahoo.com
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