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How Long Do Speeding Points Stay On Your Licence?

they can stay for a total of 3 years valid from the date of the conviction but must stay for an additional 12 months so that would come upto 4 years More »
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How long do speeding points stay on licence?
In the UK they will remain on your licence for four years.  wiki.answers.com
How many years do speeding points stay on your licence?
In PA they come off 3 points a year, from the date of the last violation, provide that within that year there are no more violations. So, if you keerp getting tickets, they stay around a long, long time. Stop sign violations are 3 points, so after a  uk.answers.yahoo.com
How long do points for speeding stay on your licence?
The amount of time in which an endorsement remains on your licence depends on the type of offence committed. The date in which the endorsement starts also depends on the type of offence. Endorsements must remain on a licence for 11 years from date of  answers.yahoo.com

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