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How far is it from new york to philadelphia?

The distance between two cities Philadelphia and New York in this page is only an estimated air distance, in which the distance and travel times may vary with the vehicle you use. New York with latitude of 40.7488 and longitude of 73.9846 is about 129.6 kilometres (80.53 miles) from Philadelphia, which has latitude of 39.9302 and longitude of 75.216.
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How far is Philadelphia from New York state?
Owing to the location of Philadelphia in extreme Southeast Pennsylvania, the shortest distance to New York State is not to the north, where Pennsylvania and New York State have a long border. Rather, the closest point is at Tottenville, NY (via New  wiki.answers.com
How Far is It from New York to London?
From New York, New York to London, England is 3,470 miles, as the crow flies. This is equal to 5,585 kilometers or 3,016 nautical miles. If you're thinking about traveling to London, most people say the summer is the best time to visit.  www.ask.com
How far from philadelphia to new york city?
Driving from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to New York, New York is 95.6 miles, about 1 hr 4...  www.chacha.com
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