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How far back do crb checks go?

Since the CRB use information supplied by such lay enforcing agencies as the police, any records they have will show up on the check. This can be anything from a few months to even 10 years, depending on the severity of the crime.
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When an employer does a criminal background check in Puerto Rico how far do they go back?
Since Puerto Rico is a colony of the U.S. its backround checks go to the begining of documented activity.  wiki.answers.com
How far back does a c.r.b. go back and does it include cautions?
Standard Disclosures are primarily for posts that involve working with children or vulnerable adults. Standard Disclosures may also be issued for people entering certain professions, such as members of the legal and accountancy professions. Standard  uk.answers.yahoo.com
How far back do the records go?
Records have been maintained since the mid-1930's to present.  www.in.gov

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