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How do you get tippex out of clothes?

Tippex, also known as “Tipp experience” is the Bic-owned correction fluid that is used to correct the tip of ball pens manufactured by the Bic company. A tippex stain can be removed by rubbing lemon juice on the stained area and soaking the garment in neutralised bleach water before washing it off.
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How to Remove Tipp-Ex From Clothing.
1. Scrape off as much of the Tipp-Ex as possible using a butter knife. Take care not to damage the fabric. 2. Do a patch test on a small corner of the fabric to make sure that the Tipp-Ex doesn't bleach or damage it. Be extra careful with delicate  www.ehow.com
How do you get tippex off clothes?
I have a few ways of getting tippex off clothes; i've done it myself. Ways of getting off tippex: put nail varnish on it but it in the freezer (i know it sounds wierd but it works but depends on the material) hope this helps Beth XxX  wiki.answers.com
How to remove tippex from clothes?
you can use tipex thinners or if unavailable use nail polish remover. test on an inconspicious area 1st (ie. the underside of the hem). protect the surface under the garment before application. use kitchen roll beneath fabric to absorb excess liquid.  answers.yahoo.com
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