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How Do You Download Songs From Youtube Free To An Mp3 Player?

YouTube is a video-sharing website on which users can upload, share, and view videos. There are many ways to download music on YouTube depending on the software being used or music format for example, with the orbit YouTube downloader, you could hover your mouse on the YouTube music, Click the button, and the Orbit Downloader will pop up a dialog to fetch the YouTube music URL. It will need about 2 seconds. Then, the "Create new download" dialog pops up, and you Click "OK". This will initiate your YouTube music is being downloaded.
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How to Download Free Songs for MP3 Players.
1. Search for music by clicking on any of the top download links on the Beemp3.com. To find music not listed as a top download, type the title of a song, album or artist in the orange search box. 2. Click a song title from the search results to open  www.ehow.com
How do you download a song that is one youtube to an MP3 player?
Go to savevid.com, enter the web address of the song. and download the video. it is free and safe.  wiki.answers.com
How to download free mp3 player songs?
Don't even try it. Almost every free music site is illegal! The police and other authorities are busting people alot more than they used to. I have heared that it can be about 200 dollars PER song if you get caught. Please DON'T do it if you dount  answers.yahoo.com
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