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How Do I Work Out Vat Backwards?

The following site gives an example of how VAT is calculated backwards. More »
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How do you work out V.A.T. Backwards
VAT is 17.5% so to add on VAT simply multiply the ex VAT figure by 1.175 and to remove VAT simply divide the inc VAT number by 1.175  www.kgbanswers.co.uk
If the price is $100 and vat is 5%, how can i calculate backwards to get the price with vat excluded?
If VAT is 5 percent, then $100 is the original price plus five percent of the original price. So if the original price is x, $100 is 105 percent of x. Your equation is therefore 100 = 1.05x. Divide both sides by 1.05 for your answer. (I guarantee at  answers.yahoo.com

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