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How Do I Update My Sat Nav?

To update to sat nav, download, install and run a web updater. The Web updater will look to see if there are any updates, click next and let it get on with it. Then attach your sat nav and you should see a screen like on the left. Check it’s found the right device and click next.
Popular Questions
How to Update Garmin Sat NAV.
1. Download Garmin's WebUpdater by visiting the website in the link below and selecting "Download. On the following page, choose your operating system and click "Download" to start the download. 2. Follow the on-screen prompts when the download is  www.ehow.com
Where to update my sat nav?
Yes, you should be able to purchase new maps from a website and download to you sat nav via your computer. If it helps the Navman systems are made by Mio so look at their site http://eu.mio.com/en_gb/map-updates.htm  answers.yahoo.com
What is the purpose of a sat nav?
to get the driver and other from one location to another safely and efficiently.  wiki.answers.com
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