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How do i sign off a letter?

There are different categories of letters eg business, friendly letters etc and the have different sign offs. Foe example business letters closings denote a friendly-but-business-like tone so “kind regards or confidentially yours can be used. For friendly letters sing offs like; your friend or write soon can be used.
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1. Choose a closing. All letters need a closing after the final paragraph. This tells the reader that the message is complete. Your closing depends on the tone of your letter. For example, a formal business letter might close "Sincerely. A more  www.ehow.com
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It is very easy to sign a letter. First, you must make sure you have your name printed underneath the signature line. Then sign your name as is comfortable to you.  answers.ask.com
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I use "Best regards," when being formal and "Best," when being informa Sign up for freeto read this answer. Sign up for freeto read these answers.  www.quora.com
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