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How Do I Set Facebook As My Homepage?

To make facebook your homepage, click the tools menu, select internet options and then click the general tab. There, in the Home Page section, enter http://www.facebook.com in the text box and finally click OK. More »
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How do you set facebook as your homepage?
on the left hand side (top) u see tools. click on that. u will see internet options. then on the very top it sez something about ur home page erace everything in that box and type www.facebook.com then click apply. then click ok. tell me if u need  wiki.answers.com
How do I Set my Homepage?
If your trying to make a certain page you homepage you can go to internet options and there is a section there where you can adjust you homepage settings.  answers.ask.com
How to Change a Facebook Homepage.
1. Log in to your account by entering your email address and password into the Facebook page listed below. Click "Login. This will take you to the "News Feed" page, where you can view your friends' recent activities. 2. Click the "Profile" button in  www.ehow.com
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