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How Do I Reset A Digitech Gnx3?

you can use the user manual and follow the simple instructions More »
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How to Replace a Fuse in a Digitech GNX3 Power Supply.
1. Unplug the power supply from the guitar and the wall outlet. 2. Locate the screw holding the fuse receptacle together. The fuse receptacle looks like a small grey or black box attached to the power supply plug. If there's no screw or no little box  www.ehow.com
How much is a Digitech Gnx3 worth?
A Digitech Gnx3 W/AC is listed on a few sites at $149.99. Thx 4 Using ChaCha:)  www.chacha.com
How to reset the digitech vocalist live 4 harmonizer?
ftp://ftp.digitech.com/pub/PDFs/Manuals/Vocalist_LIVE2/VL2Manual_v1.pdf TRY THIS COPY AND PASTE TO SEARCH AND THE MANUAL IS THERE>HOPE IT HELSP a  www.fixya.com

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