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How Do I Renew My Pre Paid Prescription Charge Certificate?

You can renew your pre paid prescription charge certificate by filling the form, paying and sending it to your NHS authority. Costs of PPCs usually increase every April.New costs apply to any application received on or after the 1st April, regardless of the certificate start date. Cash is not accepted. More »
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How do I renew my Prescription Charge Exemption Certificate?
If there is no change in ur circumstances then it should come through the post automatically that's how i get mine.  uk.answers.yahoo.com
What i don't understand is, once you've got this certificate are the prescriptions free? Pre Paid Prescriptions.
When you buy the pre payment certificate you will be sent a plastic card which you take with you when you take your perscription to the chemist On the back of your perscription form there are various box options to tick,you tick prepaid and sign  www.theanswerbank.co.uk
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