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How Do I Remove A Bees Nest?

To remove a bees nest (hive) you need to get rid of all the bees by using insecticide. This is a very dangerous operation, therefore you need to be fully covered in protective clothing. After all the bees have been killed/eradicated, remove the beehive and destroy it comlpletely. You should also wash the area where the hive was, so as to remove the scent and avoid attracting more bees to return. More »
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How to Perform a Bee Nest Removal.
1. Gather items to prepare for the bee nest removal. You will need to retrieve some old clothing that covers your arms and legs for protection. Also, find or purchase a ski mask and some eye goggles for face and eye protection. Use thick work boots  www.ehow.com
What are some tips to remove a bee nest?
First, determine whether they're bees (and what kind) or wasps. If honey bees, contact your local beekeeper. Chances are that s/he will be delighted to remove them at no cost to you. If bumble bees or carpenter bees, just leave them alone. They're of  www.quora.com
How to Get Rid of Bees Nest?
While there are many methods of ridding oneself of bees; smoke, water, poisons. The easiest method, as of late, has been to simply call a beekeeper. Since the insects are in such high demand, most beekeepers will be more than happy to remove the  answers.ask.com

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