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How do i register as unemployed?

First things first, once you become unemployed, the first thing to do is register at the local job centre where they include you in their data base and will help you find a job suitable to your capabilities. It is also important to register your claim for benefit support such as job seekers allowance as soon as possible to be able to meet the basic needs. The allowance is given on the basis of age, if you have any disability and if you have other savings or earnings.
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How to Register for Unemployment Benefits.
1. Visit the Department of Labor's website and select your state. Unemployment benefits get paid according to the state you live in, so rules, amounts and time limits will vary. 2. Verify your benefit eligibility by visiting Bankrate.com for a  www.ehow.com
How to register as unemployed?
Phone your Jobcentre and tell them you've already been turned down for JSA, but you want to register as unemployed to get your NI credits and for tax purposes (I presume you're earning interest on your savings, so if you're unemployed you shouldn't  uk.answers.yahoo.com
When did the United States register its lowest unemployment rate?
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