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How Do I Get Pedigree Papers For My Dog?

You can get pedigree papers for your dog by registering it in a dog club such as the Kennel club. As the owner of the dog, you will get the opportunity to get the papers at a low cost with details of your dogs name, breed and history. More »
Popular Questions
How to Read a Dog's Pedigree.
1. Start at the beginning of the pedigree. Pedigrees are often formatted in the manner of an extended family tree, with the dog in question at the beginning of the tree. Your dog’s name and information should be in the first area of the paperwork.  www.ehow.com
How does one acquire Pedigree papers for a Registered Pure Breed Dog?
Answer check the kennel club the dog is registered in. www.akc.org is the American Kennel Club's website. If the dog's from that kennel club, you follow the links to the pedigrees. You should be able to order it if you have the registration  wiki.answers.com
What is the difference between papers on a dog and a pedigree?
Papers of a dog basically show the pedigree of the  www.chacha.com
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