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How Do I Get My Old Gcse Certificates?

Most schools keep GCSE certificates for long so you may call your school to find out if it is still there. Other than that you can apply for a statement of result at AQA that confirms the results to a third party. More »
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When do you get your GCSE certificates?
GCSE results are usually recieved by the expectee in Late August. Bagshad :  wiki.answers.com
How to get GCSE certificate?
You don't have to have passed the GCSE to do the A level. There is nothing to stop you finding somewhere to accept you as a 'private candidate' and just paying to enter for the A level maths exams. The deadline for summer entries is 21 March. (If you  answers.yahoo.com
How to get gcse certificates?
AQA charge about £35 for a statement of what GCSEs you have - they aren't the certs but they are accepted by universities and employers. It depends where you took your exams, but AQA are brilliant and they will advise you. Click on the link and go to  uk.answers.yahoo.com

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