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How do i find my national insurance number?

Contact your nearest DWP office and they will set up an interview to know who you are and you will be given another card that contains your NIN number.
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How to Find Out My National Insurance Number.
1. Locate your National Insurance card. The card looks like a credit card and has your National Insurance Number printed on it. 2. Look for any of the following documents, which may have your National Insurance Number printed on it: payslips, forms  www.ehow.com
Where can someone find the number for National Insurance?
The number for National Insurance depends on the region where you live. A dedicated agent on the official National Insurance website will be happy to find it for you.  wiki.answers.com
Where to find your National Insurance number
You can find this on: your P60 certificate or P45 from your current or last employer your PAYE Coding Notice or a letter from the Tax Credit Office your payslip from work any letter from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) or Jobcentre Plus  www.hmrc.gov.uk
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