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How Do I Evict A Family Member From My House?

In order to evict a family member from your house, you first need to give him/her a legal eviction notice equivalent to one rental period, with a minimum of one week and a maximum of one month. After this notice period elapses, you can then call the police to force him/her to vacate the residence. More »
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How to Evict a Family Member From a House.
1. Download, print or pick up the correct form to serve your relative with a legal eviction notice. The correct form will depend on your legal reason for the eviction. For example, if nonpayment of rent is the reason for the eviction, serve a "Notice  www.ehow.com
How to Transfer a House Deed to a Family Member.
1. Decide what kind of deed you want to transfer. Most transfers between family members are done by quitclaim deeds. Offer a warranty deed if you want to include a statement that you own the deed free and clear and that no other person or entity has  www.wikihow.com
How to evict a family member 18yo+ out of house?
Your dad can kick him out since your brother's an adult. But as for giving him a place to go you will want to look into mental facilities if he's not taking his medicine. Hopefully your insurance can cover at least part of it. But I think you may  answers.yahoo.com
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