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How do i cancel my sky subscription?

Cancelling sky subscription can be done online, by post or by phone. Sky only permits the account holder to cancel an account. This is the person in whose name the Sky account is held. Online, go to the Sky Help Centre and sign in with your Username and Password. Once you see the form, follow the steps
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How to cancel sky subscription?
Email Sky at skydigital@bskyb.com and provide your full name, address, account number, viewing card number and any password on the account to cancel.  www.kgbanswers.com
How can one cancel a subscription to Sky?
One can cancel a Sky subscription by contacting them by telephone, chat or email to request a cancellation. If the contract is not over, one might be asked to pay the balance for the duration of the contract including a cancellation fee.  wiki.answers.com
How do I Cancel my AOL Subscription?
To cancel your AOL account, you should only need to call 1-888-265-8008 and let them know, or you can mail or FAX your cancellation. However, sometimes AOL continues to bill after an account has been canceled, so you should always get a cancellation  answers.ask.com

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