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How Do I Block Certain Numbers On My Mobile Phone?

A subscriber can block phone numbers by registering with the call prevention registry(CPR). The CPR acts on your behalf when any nuisance calls get through to the number you registered with them. More »
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How do I Block Certain Phone Numbers from Calling?
You can block a number from calling you by calling your telephone company, and ask them to put a block on the number that is calling you. You can also activate the 'screening' feature on your telephone so you only receive the calls you want.  answers.ask.com
How to Block a Mobile Phone Number.
1. Determine the number that you wish to block. If it's a harassing call, write down the number that appears on your caller ID. If the number is coming from an automated system, you may need to call the owner of the institution responsible for the  www.ehow.com
How to Block a Phone Number
Do you know how to block a phone number? You can protect your privacy by making calls anonymously so businesses or individuals don't log your number and keep calling you back when you don't want them to do so. In this day and age of aggressive and  www.life123.com

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