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How Do Get Sound Back For Windows Xp?

Restore your system to the default audio settings by using a simple registry tweak and then after that click the download button. Select run from resulting menu,please click yes that is if your prompted to restore default settings. More »
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How to Roll Back on the Realtek Board Sound Driver in Windows XP.
1. Right-click on the "My Computer" icon on your Windows XP desktop and select the "Properties" option. The system properties window opens. 2. Click the "Hardware" tab within the system properties window, then press the "Device Manager" button. The  www.ehow.com
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1. Click Start - Run - type in, without the quotes, "ntbackup. exe" Ad. 2. Click on Backup Wizard and then "Next" 3. Select the radio button "Backup everything on this computer" and click "Next" 4. Choose a location where you will save your backup.  www.wikihow.com
How do you get sound back to your windows xp after you deleted it?
Your only hope is the System Restore function. Um, not quite. Go to the manufactures website, ex. Dell.com, support, drivers, put in your model number, download and install the lost device software\driver. LW.  wiki.answers.com
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