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How Do Antacid Tablets Work?

Acid in the stomach may sometimes be excess causing it to corrode the stomach lining or leak into the oesophagus irritating it. The antacid (a basic substance) neutralises the acid making it less dangerous to the stomach. More »
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What do antacid tablets contain?
they contain pigs wee which is a pain killer for genetal areas most people just enjoy the taste of it.  www.ask.com
Why are antacid tablets used?
To stop the production of Hydrochloric acid we use antacid as it acts opposite to the acid. In this way , we can cure it.  wiki.answers.com
How to Use Antacid Tablets Around the House.
1. Make your toilet shine. Save some money on costly toilet-bowl cleaners. All you need to do is drop a couple of antacid tablets into the bowl and let them dissolve for about 20 minutes. Use your toilet brush to clean the bowl and flush. 2. Get rid  www.ehow.com
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